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Welcome to our islamic art shop

At IslamicArt.Co.UK we have a vision to inspire and uplift your home with captivating Islamic Calligraphy Art for your living rooms and outdoor spaces. Your Satisfaction is our #1 Priority, our Modern Islamic Art is designed to bring you closer to Allah Swt so we take our job and your satisfaction seriously only using the highest quality methods of production in our artwork and innovative new patented technology to result in the brightest colours and museum quality Islamic art.

Modern Islamic Calligraphy Art

Canvas stretched by hand on real pine wood frame with Crisp resolution & radiant colours UV-resistant, solvent-free inks and only Carefully sourced premium materials use. You will see your artwork pop off the fabric, and be struck by the high quality, full-color result.

  • Islamic Calligraphy On Ca...
  • Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Ra...
    From £99.50
  • Surah Al-Isra Wall Art ( ...
    From £149.50
  • New limited design canvas print
    • 80x120cm
    Sold out
    New limited design canvas...
  • Quranic Verse Wall Art
  • The Door Of The Kaaba Can...
    From £199.50
  • 99 Names of Allah Canvas ...
  • Crystal Porcelain Islamic...
  • Surah Al Ikhlas Islamic C...
    From £99.99
  • Dome Of The Rock Al Alqsa...
    From £149.50
  • Ayatul Kursi Wall Art Canvas
  • Surah Al- Alaq Wall Art
    From £99.00
  • Islamic Art Categories

    Real Paintings By Hand ( Not Printed)

    Below are real paintings by paint brush, not printed.

  • Stunning Arabic Calligrap...
  • Vertical Hand Made Painting
    From £199.50
  • Carpet Market Scene Real ...
  • Incredible Hand Painted I...
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