Incredible Collection of Islamic Art Created By Award Winning Saudi Calligrapher Mohammad Khan. Discover an inspirational collection of Islamic Artwork For Your Home.
We invite you to join us on this captivating journey, as we strive to illuminate the world with the timeless beauty of Islamic Calligraphy art. Experience the harmony of creativity, devotion, and innovation that defines Islamic Art UK – where art inspires.

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  • Ayatul Kursi Wall Art Canvas - Islamic Art Ltd
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  • 3 Piece Framed Islamic Art Set - Islamic Art UK
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  • Ayatul Kursi Metal Islamic Wall Art - Islamic Art UK
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  • Metal Ayatul Kursi Clock - Islamic Art UK
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  • 3 Piece Islamic Art (Art Gallery Framed Set) - Islamic Art Ltd
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  • 3 Piece Islamic Poster Set - Islamic Art UK
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Real Hand Made Paintings

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Choose Islamic Art In Canvas, Metal or Framed.

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Introduce your living space to the elegance of Islamic calligraphy art with our Glass Ayatul Kursi, Surah Al Ikhlas, Al Falaq, and An Nas 4 piece set. Each art piece is a stunning representation of Islamic calligraphy, meticulously printed on diamond-shaped glass to create a striking visual impact. The set includes four different phrases - Ayatul Kursi, Surah Al Ikhlas, Al Falaq, and An Nas - each carrying profound theological significance in the Islamic culture. As they glimmer with ambient light, these beautiful pieces become a powerful symbol of faith and a stylish addition to any interior setting.

A Beautiful way to display the 99 names of Allah in your home with our exquisite 99 Names of Allah metal wall art.
Crafted with precision and passion each name is etched onto durable metal to adorn your walls for years to come.As you gaze upon each name, immerse yourself in the divine attributes that define Allah's greatness. Whether it's Al-Rahman (the compassionate) or Al-Khaliq (the creator), our wall art serves as a constant reminder of His endless mercy and grace.
Transform any space with this remarkable artwork. Perfect for both homes and offices, it makes an ideal gift for Eid. Elevate your décor while uplifting your home ambience - order our 99 Names of Allah metal wall art today!

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Based In London

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Riyadh, there was a renowned calligrapher named Mohammad Khan. His art was widely appreciated and loved by the people of Saudi Arabia, and soon enough, his fame spread far beyond the country's borders. People from different parts of the world started taking notice of his exceptional talent and began to commission him to create beautiful pieces of Islamic art for them.

Award Winning

Award Winning Islamic Art Mohammad Khan is a true master of his craft, and his pieces are sought after by art collectors and enthusiasts all over the world. His unique style and attention to detail are what set his work apart from the rest. And now, you can have one of his masterpieces in your own home.

Museum Grade Quality

Our Islamic Calligraphy Art is all Museum Grade Quality, meaning we only use the highest quality materials such as Tru-View Glass, German Canvas and Framed

Free Worldwide Shipping

We carefully package and insure your consignment, shipped via Fedex or UPS your order will arrive safely and we do not charge for shipping/postage.

We are proud to say that our Islamic artwork is some of the highest quality pieces available on the market and has been featured in various Exhibitions in the UAE. Our customers rave about the stunning beauty and intricate detail of our pieces. We are confident that you will enjoy our stunning artworks as well.

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We use a variety of special techniques depending which Artwork you have ordered.

Some are crystal clear™ Canvas prints which can both be framed an unframed, other Artworks are special Glycee Lithographic Prints. This is a Gallery Grade printing technique which results in exception colour.

We also have handmade paintings which are done the old fashioned way - with an artist and a brush and then we have Metal wall art which is polished and made of stainless steel.

Where possible we ensure to use eco friendly materials, our wood used in frames and canvas is from sustainable forest - we do not use cheap MDF materials or plastics.

We only use genuine Epson Ultra Chrome K3 inks for printing on canvas, because we believe they're the best on the market. It is UV resistant, Water resistant and has a 200+ no fade guarantee.

We want our art to litereally pop out of your wall, inspire and create conversation, Our Islamic calligraphy art represants the most powerful words in the entire universe, so we want them displayed in only the best way.

You will reeive an email confirmation and within 24 hours we will call or email you just to check all your details of the order are correct. Sometimes when shopping online (especially mobile) it is easy to select the wrong option or put adress wrong so we will give you a quick call or email just to confirm the details of your order and adress so then you are 100% amazed and satisfied once your consignment arrives.

We use a special DHL courier service for Fine Art and it is marked fragile. It is the same service any respectable Art Gallery uses and it guarantees your Artwork to arrive safe and sound. You will receve a text message with a tracking number and link and estimated delivery time - if you are busy on the time you can reschedule it using the DHL link in the text.

Please allow 7 days for delivery.

Your satisfcation is most important to us, our Islamic Art is designed to inspire and bring joy to your life and home. If for whatever reason you want to change to another piece or return your order, you just have to send it back within 28 days. You will be responsible for the price of postage.

With some designs, we have produced designs over 5 meters long and 5 meters wide, so always feel free to get in touch.