Islamic Wall Art Metal

Our Metal Islamic Wall Art Collection is perfectly suitable for outdoors use also, it is coated with special coating to prevent from any UV or Water damage.
The mirror finish on the metal also gives a sleek look and the smooth edges of the calligraphy ensure it will look perfect inside also.
Hanging any of the Islamic wall art metal on your wall is incredibly easy, we include all the fixtures - you will need a drill and then hang the art piece on the outside of it, don't worry, we include instructions and it is incredibly easy.


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  • 3 Piece Framed Islamic Art Set - Islamic Art UK
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  • Ayatul Kursi Metal Islamic Wall Art - Islamic Art UK
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  • Ayatul Kursi Wall Art Canvas - Islamic Art Ltd
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  • Metal Ayatul Kursi Clock - Islamic Art UK
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  • 3 Piece Islamic Art (Art Gallery Framed Set) - Islamic Art Ltd
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  • 3 Piece Islamic Poster Set - Islamic Art UK
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